Welcome to the Dean James Art online eShop.  Here you can buy official and original prints that are signed by the Artist Dean James and come complete with registered Certificates of Authenticity.  The objectives of Dean James Art includes making affordable luxury within the grasp of a wide range of lovers of modern Art.  Within the site there is a Contact form which can be used to ask any questions you may have, including enquiries for Commissioned pieces of Art.

Dean James Art has exhibited work around the world and appeared in international Arts magazines and journals.  Specialist interests include portraits, landscapes, wildlife, sports action, especially motor racing, and semi abstract themes.

The style is a very modern approach with multi-media influences but with a 21st Century take on impressionistism.

The prints are in one size only: A4
A4 is 297 mm long and 210 mm wide sheet (210 x 297). Equivalent size in inches is 11.69" long and 8.27" wide.

All of these special limited edition A4 Fine Art matt finished professional quality prints come with Certificates of Authenticity + are individually numbered + signed on the back by the Artist.  These are then logged in the Dean James Art archives for investment verification.

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